My Love for Old Hollywood

Since, I was a mere child my mom has been exposing me to an innumerable old Hollywood movie classics. I remember watching The Sound of Music, The King and I, West Side Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and of course all of the Shirley Temple Movies.  I liked watching these films but I didn’t really have an attachment to them.  Gradually, as I grew older, I stopped watching old movies because I thought what most youngsters think about old movies, “Ew, old movies are boring and it’s in black and white.” Luckily, I never grew tired of watching I Love Lucy, ever since I can remember that has been my favorite show.  My mom used to always turn the channel to TCM and I would beg her not to do so. I would complain, “How can you watch these movies, there so boring!? Let’s watch entertaining new movies that are in color!” Thankfully, my mom wouldn’t pay attention to my whining and proceeded to watching TCM.  When I was around 4th or 5th grade, my mom watched two old movies that made me give old movies more of a chance. They were movies that really touched your heart and couldn’t help but drop a tear.  The movies were The Champ and  A Place in the Sun.  It was around midnight at my house and I decided to watch TV with my mom. Of course, the channel was turned to TCM and A Place in the Sun was playing. I just caught the ending and all I could think about was “Man, that was depressing!” Although, I’ve never seen a movie like that before! Same, with the film, The Champ, I just caught the ending and tears strolled down my cheeks. How can these two movies end with such a heartbreaking note!? I guess that’s what made them so great. I would recommend these movies whole heartedly, if you haven’t already seen them. Still, I was hesitant about watching old movies.  It wasn’t until much later, in freshman year of high school when I saw Gone with the Wind. I thought of all the other classics I was missing out on! And that my friends, started my obsession with old movies. My favorite movie of all time is It Happened one Night.  Everyone should be required to watch this movie! Other wonderful ones I have watched are Sunset Blvd,  Some like it Hot, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Roman Holiday, All About Eve, The Heiress, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, A Streetcar Named Desire, and others ones I cannot recount. Now, I cannot understand why I just didn’t give old movies a chance. I am a complete opposite person than I was when I was younger. My mindset has changed completely.  I wish I could go back and see those splendid movies in action.  The movies today are nothing compared to the classics back then. I bet I’ve watched more old movies than those who lived during that time. I find it hard to talk about old movies with people my age because they haven’t any idea what I am talking about so I don’t discuss it much with them.  Although, I do love talking about old movies with older people because they understand my love. my dream is to meet the last of the old Hollywood stars and ask about their story.  Hopefully, I can get into the film industry and spark another Golden age of Hollywood. I will posting videos on youtube about my love for old Hollywood and it would be great if you guys checked them out!

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